Wall 2 Wall Tap Dance Center

My name is Mary Wall and I started Wall-2-Wall Tap Dance Center because I wanted to share my love of tap dance with adults who had little or no tap dance experience. I opened my doors in 2013 and began building an amazing community of people who not only loved tap dance, but who found that they could benefit from the workout tap dance provides, not only physically, but mentally as well. Additionally, I’ve seen some wonderful friendships form among my students. My students are all adults. Most of them are over the age of 50 and I even have students who are in their 80s! And many of them had never tap danced before they began taking classes with me. My business has suffered greatly over the last year. In July of 2019, I broke my leg and was unable to dance for 6 months. I was fortunate that I was able to continue to offer classes with friends who taught classes for me. Then on New Year’s Eve, as I was preparing to begin teaching again, I fell and broke my arm. This delayed my return to teaching tap dance yet again. But my students and teachers rallied around me, determined to make sure my business survived. When I returned to teaching in March, my business was stronger than ever and I began making plans to expand.

Then COVID-19 hit and the Stay at Home order was issued. We shut down and I began filming video classes to help keep the business afloat. About 25% of my clientele began taking classes virtually. This has helped, but it is not enough to cover the rent and other business expenses. We had made plans to resume in-person classes the first week of August, but then Governor Ducey ordered that gyms and fitness centers close indefinitely (we are classified as a fitness center). Our expansion plans have been completely scrapped and we are just doing what we can to survive right now.

We are offering this t-shirt as a way to raise additional funds to help keep the business going. This t-shirt design is the result of a contest we held in which our students submitted ideas and then voted for the design they liked best.


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